Goal Setting: February

Sooo how’s everyone doing on those New Years Resolutions?! Crushin’ it? Kinda workin’ on em? Or feel like you’re failing?? I’m a little in the middle. But I’m here to help ya out! I took January to not be too hard on myself. Kinda get my schedule back on track and really work hard at workin’ hard. But here’s the deal. Obviously we can’t start January fresh and all of a sudden do all these new things we weren’t doing before. There’s a reason we weren’t doing them in the first place! Duh! So I’ve decided to break down my goals per month. I know I’m not going to be on top of EVERYTHING all the time, so why try? It’s impossible! So I decided to spend January planning. I’m more of a worker by nature and not the best at planning, but I’m realllly working on getting better. So far, so good though. Here’s a little something I’m planning and I’d LOVE to hear ya’lls thoughts on it. First I’m starting by looking back on January…

February Goals

Looking Back: January

I took the month to really look ahead to my year. I took notes often and I tried to really get back into a rhythm with work and life and I really worked on setting intentional and attainable goals for myself and my general life. I’m really looking forward to 2018 and am most excited to really get organized and become more purposeful with my time and energy. I decided on a new monthly goal setting strategy and am seriously SO excited to get started this February! I spent January getting my blog goals and strategy in line, got back on my FASTer Way to Fat Loss eating schedule and have already become more organized in my daily life. Wahoo! While I don’t feel like I crushed the month of January, I do feel like I got a lot accomplished and I set myself up for a successful February which I’m super excited about!

Going Forward…

I’ve been looking back at my 2018 Intentions & Goals and the areas I really want to push myself on and better myself at. I’m breaking things down by month and planning to really put in extra time each week working on that monthly focus. So far I have the next 5 months planned and have them listed in a note in my phone. The topic may change occasionally, but I’m really looking forward to this! So here’s whats up for February and a little peek at my monthly schedule through May.

February Goals & Focus:

Blogging – I’m choosing for my first month of this breakdown to really focus in on blogging. I have quite a few 2018 goals for the blog so I think this will be a good start to taking a look at my goals and really make a plan for how to get there. A few things I want to focus on are spending more time each day on the blog, growing my instagram, sticking with a consistent posting schedule, and learning as much as possible. I think if I REALLY put an extra focus on these things for the month of February it will get me in a better rhythm and will hopefully encourage me to keep it up through the rest of the year!

February Goals

February Blogging Goals:

  • Dedicate an extra hour to block out every weekday morning to work on blogging. That means either getting to work and hour early to focus only on blog work, or even just getting up early and spending one hour working from home on blogging. No matter how it gets done or how early I have to get up, I’m making that a major priority this month. Just one extra hour. (I’ll keep you posted on how well it goes!) And I won’t have a specific thing I work on that hour, although that might change. Right now, I’ll be working on anything from writing a new post, getting through emails, editing photos, planning instagram, etc.
  • Set a strict blogging schedule. I REALLY want to get on a consistent posting schedule even if that means I have to start scheduling numerous posts out in advance. For the month of February I’m committing to posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. And I’m going to majorly hold myself accountable.
  • Grow on instagram. I’ve never had a real instagram strategy before, but my girl Lacey is an Instagram pro and has taught me so much! I’m not really sure what a realistic growth number is here because I’ve never tracked it and instgram is very tricky these days. So I’m going to set a goal of growing 400 new followers this month. That’s shooting for 100/week. Also, with growing on instagram is posting consistently. So I want to set a goal to post every single day for the month of February! Eeek!
  • Finish and start implementing Julie Soloman’s course Pitch it Perfect. I purchased this back in the fall and have started but majorly fell off the wagon over the holidays. I want to dive in and really reap the benefits from her course. I’m planning to set aside time this month to get it done! I’m going to plan on blocking out at least 2 hours a week to working on it.

Coming up Next….

March: Developing Better Habits – Last March I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. It was the perfect timing! Spring was almost here and summer was coming so I was extra motivated! This March I really want to work on developing those better habits that will set me up for success! Regular workouts, quiet time, meditation, getting up early and kicking my Diet Coke habits were all things I listed in my resolutions post!

April: Money – Money is such a hard thing to talk about, but I want to be better at my spending, better at my saving, and all around cut as many costs as I can. I want to get smarter with my money and with budgeting. I’ve never read the Dave Ramsey books but I would like to implement a new strategy and spend the month learning more about it and ways to better my money habits. I’d also love that extra push to really work on my meal prep and meal planning. I think this will majorly help me in the budget area and also goes hand in hand with my March goals!

May: Batch Working – I’ve started to ‘try’ to implement this but it’s definitely going to take some time to get used to. I’ll continue to try it here and there but I want to spend some time researching it and really putting it into practice. I want to focus in on planning out my daily tasks and giving myself set time limits to complete them!

All of this may sound easier said than done but I’m super excited to set these goals and work hard at them! If you have any questions or advice on any of this I’m all ears! Leave them in the comments! I’ll also be doing monthly posts pertaining to that month’s topic and will be doing a monthly recap with how I did that month and a new month’s goal setting post! If ya’ll like this let me know! I’m really excited to start this series!