The Best Everyday Gold Jewelry

I am definitely a jewelry girl. I’m almost always wearing at least a necklace and earrings and a lot of times you’ll see me wearing the same pieces, that’s how you know I love them! A lot of the same gold necklaces, earrings and rings. So since they’re staples for me I wanted to share my favorites, in my opinion, the best everyday gold jewelry!

Favorite Layering Necklaces

Gorjana Butterfly Pendant | Gorjana Parker Link NecklaceGorjana Venice Necklace

If you’re looking for good quality, everyday gold jewelry that lasts, Gorjana is your brand! I have a few of their necklaces and I love that I can wear for everyday and never have to worry about the quality diminishing. They hold up so well and are still beautiful shiny gold after lots of wear. I recently paired these 3 together and have hardly taken off this stack! I love how they layer so well together!

I recently had someone ask how to keep necklaces from twisting and tangling together when you’re wearing them and I think the secret is to layer with different chain types. Like this thick Venice necklace never tangles with anything so it’s a must have in my opinion for creating a layered look!

Favorite Gold Stacking Rings

All gold rings from Handmade Studio

My rings are where I really love to play around and make a statement! I mix my metals a lot with my rings but I’ll always have some gold stacking rings on!

All of my gold rings here are from Handmade Studio. I have had these for over a year and they’re still in great condition! They’re so affordable too! If you’re looking for some quality stacking rings – these are the ones! The criss cross ring and the 2 stacked opal rings are my most worn!

Favorite Everyday Small Gold Hoop Earrings

Y’all I hate to say it but I’ve bought 3 pairs of similar earrings to these and my favorites are a $12 pair from Amazon! I kinda hate that they’re from amazon, but they’ve held up so well and were so affordable! I 100% expected them to tarnish pretty quickly but I’ve had them over a year, wear them all the time (even sleep in them!) and they still look great! I know we all love Amazon but I try really hard to support small businesses and shop great quality things – but these are just too good to not share! {Shop them here!}