Favorite Blog Posts Lately

I love when bloggers do link roundups and share their favorite things around the web. I’m not consistent enough with my web browsing to do these, but I do love them! I’ve gotten way behind on my blog reading so as I’ve been catching up this week I’ve found some great posts. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites. I loved these and thought ya’ll might too! If you have any favorites around the web, please leave them in the comments! I’d love to check them out!

Favorite Blog Posts Lately

Why (and how) to Support Small Businesses from Poor Little It Girl

I have lots of thoughts on this topic, but as a small boutique owner it’s tough to see bloggers (who are also small business owners) only supporting big retailers. I’ve come to truly LOVE shopping with small businesses. Walking into a store and walking out with a bag of goodies knowing you’re supporting someone’s hard work and making their dreams come true is such a great feeling. Cathy’s post is so good and it’s so nice to see a fellow blogger supporting small businesses and small boutiques!

The Small Things That Spark Joy from My Style Vita

I loved that Jessica pointed out super small, random things that spark joy. I mean truly how great is it when the appetizer comes out and it’s perfectly portioned for the table?! So good right?! I loved reading her list and I’m thinking about making my own!

The Things Millennials Need to Stop Bragging About from The Champagne Edit

Ok I’m definitely guilty of this one but I loved Dana calling this out and reading her thoughts on this. I too think it’s pretty cool to be a Millenial but this is a nice eye opening read!

The BEST Straw Hats for Summer from Louella Reese

I LOVE my hats! And honestly I haven’t been wearing my favorite straw hat near enough this summer! I loved Laura Leigh’s roundup of the best straw hats for summer. I may just have to pick me up another one!

Goodbye Tired Eyes from Yes Please Daily

Riley shares her tired eye secrets and how she combats her tired eyes and I have to try her tricks! Her undereye area looks flawless and she says she’s struggled with it her entire life! Not to mention her hacks are affordable! I’m so excited to try them out!

Why Do We Only Hear About IVF Success Stories? from Poor Little It Girl

Cathy really opens up in this post about her IVF journey to encourage other women who are also going through the process. I loved (and also hated) reading this, because I think a lot of women go through these things completely feeling alone. All we see on social media is the happy moments and the successes when it comes to things like IVF, infertility, miscarriage, etc, but I love that she’s sharing the process.

*And sending lots of love and prayers to them as they go through this!*

Let me know which posts you loved and I’d love to hear some of your favorites too! Happy Friday!