Father’s Day Gifts

If you’ve been following closely you might be wondering who this cute little 5 year old is. And if you’ve been following super closely you’ve noticed she looks exactly like Jared so you’ve probably figured it out. But, Jared actually has the cutest little daughter, Addilyn. She’s full of sass, the most outgoing 5 year old I’ve ever met and is the sweetest little ball of love. This Father’s Day I wanted to make sure Jared feels lots of love from both his girls so I’ve been working on a few fun gift ideas! The easy stuff’s done, aka the gifts from me. But I’ve still got some work to do on helping Addilyn get something fun and sweet for dad.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Jared loves all the Jack Black products. When we first started dating he complained that his skin was so dry and of course he never put lotion on it, so I surprised him with a little Nordstrom package sent to his house of the Jack Black Cool Moisture lotion. I even got him the big size and he was obsessed with it! He used it all the time, loved the cooling effect and went through the entire bottle pretty quick. Since then I’ve always picked up a little something Jack Black to add to his gifts. This Christmas he got the beard oil so I’m super excited for him to try out these three new products.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Supreme Cream is a shave cream, the All Over Wash is a face, hair and body wash, and the Post Shave Cooling Gel. All great products that I’m sure he’ll LOVE!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I also decided to try out the Harry’s Shave Kit for him. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Harry’s and thought a personalized razor would definitely be something that Jared would like. You really can never have too many razors!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I won’t give away my last idea but if anyone has any super cute and sweet ideas of gifts with photos or gifts from a 5 year old I’d love your suggestions! I have something in mind, but no clue how to execute! Hoping Pinterest will solve my problems! And I’d love to hear what you guys are getting the dads in your life for Father’s Day!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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  1. Casie

    Pinterest really is your best friend when it comes to Father’s Day gifts for kids!
    Congratulations on being a better partner to a dad than I am; so far Andrew has nothing. ??

    1. Katie Post author

      Hahaha I’m so clueless! It’s more like here draw dad some stuff on this “card” aka piece of paper! Ha! #notcrafty

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