FASTer Way To Fat Loss

Faster Way To Fat Loss

I’ve shared just a little bit about this over on instagram and social media but about 8 weeks ago I joined Amanda Tress in her FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program. I actually learned about it from Beth of Seersucker & Saddles and then my friend Brooke at KBStyled joined and I felt very inspired to check it out for myself. They both shared before and after photos and I was blown away by the changes they made in their bodies in just 6 weeks! Which they both already looked great to start with, but I was literally shocked when I saw their photos. So I decided to give it a try.

At the beginning of this year I decided that I wanted to make 2017 different. I wanted to really work at improving myself, I wanted to simplify and take time to enjoy things. I want to work smarter, not harder. And most of all I want to feel good. Not tired, not lazy, not stressed and frazzled. I really want to feel good.

So I thought this was a great way to kick that off. I know when I eat well and exercise I feel better, I’m more productive and ultimately I look better. And for $199 I thought that was a great investment in myself. It would give me structure and guidelines and most of all it would keep me motivated and hold me accountable. If this could really do what she says it can, it’s definitely worth the investment. And let me tell you, it was the best 200 bucks I’ve ever spent!

I can’t quite fit all of my feelings, my experience and full details on the program into one blog post but I’m going to give you a little bit of an overview and will be sharing more in the coming weeks!

My Experience:

I started this journey fresh with the flu. Talk about discouraging and frustrating. So I ordered my groceries with Kroger Click List and did the best I could until I felt better. Luckily you start the program out with a “prep week” which lets you learn the program and try out the diet and workouts before you’re just thrown in. I think that’s so nice to be able to start with this prep week so that if/when you mess something up you don’t feel like a big ole failure in week 1. So I did my best in prep week and was even more excited to start week 1 the following week!

An entire play by play isn’t necessary but I will say that throughout the program I messed up. I couldn’t fit workouts in, I had celebrations with friends, I traveled to California and I even had my wisdom teeth taken out the Friday before my last week. I was NOT perfect but I still saw amazing results. With confidence I can say I still tried my absolute best but I didn’t get discouraged when something didn’t quite go my way. Amanda says that as women we tend to focus on our failures and not our wins. So she encourages us to share one win a day. This not only encouraged me to get re-inspired about the next day, but it also was such a great reminder to celebrate those wins! We’re not going to do everything perfect everyday, so celebrate those things you did do great and move on!

FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program:

This program is unlike anything I’ve seen or heard of before. It’s different, structured and totally do-able. I was worried when starting the program since I’m so on-the-go, but with a little prep work and research it’s not that bad! Each week Amanda sends out the schedule for the week and your eating days are coordinated with workouts. You have low carb days, regular calorie days and low calorie days. So you can switch up your eating and your eating is perfectly paired with your workouts! It’s so nice! You can read more about the program here.

Amanda also sends out at home workouts and gym workouts each week so they’re very attainable for everyone. I literally hate the gym and would much rather work out outside so I opt for the at home workouts. At home workouts also seem much easier for my on the go lifestyle. They’re super easy to squeeze in anytime, anywhere. But it’s so nice she gives you both options so you can also switch them up from time to time. And you don’t have to feel like you also have to purchase a gym membership with the program.

I just kicked off my second round this week and am so excited to continue and keep up the progress! If you’re interested in learning more about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program or have any questions please let me know! I’d love to chat more with you about it and even have you join me for the next round! I’m going to work on incorporating some more diet, fitness, lifestyle content around here and I’d love to hear your thoughts! {The next round of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss starts soon, so if you’re interested in joining and want more info let me know!}

Faster Way To Fat Loss

Top: gifted lululemon via lululemon Knoxville | Pants: gifted lululemon via lululemon Knoxville | Shoes: Nike | Yoga Mat: via My Kind of Lovely | Bottle: Swell

Faster Way To Fat Loss

Faster Way To Fat Loss

Faster Way To Fat Loss

Below is my before and after photo. I couldn’t even bare to take a swimsuit photo before and now I’m actually excited to wear a swimsuit this summer! (If I can keep up the progress that is!) Amanda encourages us to not step on the scale throughout the process and I’ve been so pleased with the visible results I haven’t even thought of weighing myself until I started writing this post. Being happy with what you see in the mirror versus the number on the scale is WAY more important to me anyway so I may just keep up the not checking the scale thing. It’s definitely a freeing feeling!

This second six weeks I’m focusing on the workouts, toning up and shrinking the middle section even more. I’ve always been unhappy with my stomach and love handles. Even when I was running half marathons once a month and in the best shape of my life I still was uncomfortable with my stomach. I’m so looking forward to this second 6 weeks and the transformation that’s coming! I’ll be sure to take ya’ll along on the journey! (I also just took a new “before” photo for this round in a swimsuit. Eeek! Scared, yet excited to share the transformation!)

Faster Way To Fat Loss

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Faster Way To Fat Loss

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    You go girl!! You seriously look amazing!! I’m definitely heading to check this out!


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    Hi there,
    Can you tell me if the workouts are cardio and weights or what they involve and how much time is spent daily? Also is the nutrition program easy to follow ?

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