Faster Way to Fat Loss: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Whether you’re a Faster Way to Fat Loss beginner or someone who’s done it before and is struggling to get back to it, this post is for you, keep reading!

As I’m really getting back on track with it I’m taking myself back to the basics. When I got “off” I just assumed that I’d be able to pick it back up pretty easily but after a few failed months I’ve realized I needed to just go back to the basics. I need to start from square one. I need the the drive and excitement to keep me going like I had when I did my very first round. So, honestly, I’m simplifying it for myself and I thought I’d simplify it for you guys too! So here it is, an easy Faster Way to Fat Loss guide for beginners or someone who’s been off but is coming back to the program!

**Not sure what the Faster Way to Fat Loss is? You can check out the program here & my previous posts here!**

faster way to fat loss for beginners, a guide featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a big part of the program and one that I’ve tried to stick with pretty consistently, but I will say, after my fasting hours in the evenings are over I have been sneaking wine or alcohol in. So time to stick with the fasting window hard. No food before 12am and no food (or drink!) after 8pm.

Low Carb Days

It’s important to do 2 low carb days because those are what burn your fat! These are super important for the fat burning process! So they’re really a must have part of the program. I’ve been skipping them all together but officially got back on them this week!

No Gluten or Dairy

The program says cut out all gluten and dairy. For me gluten is a lot easier than dairy, so I had completely cut out all gluten but would have a little dairy every now and then. I would suggest cutting it out all together your first 6 weeks and then incorporate in a little of one, one week and then the other the next week and see how they affect you. If you feel fine while adding them back into  your diet I think it’s ok to have in moderation!

Minimal Alcohol During the Week

This isn’t a recommendation, but it’s one of my personal guidelines. You don’t have to cut out alcohol all together with this program but I do find I do better when I cut it out completely during the week. Then only indulge on the weekend. It also gives me something to look forward to for the weekend so that’s a plus!

Morning Workouts

If I don’t get my workouts in in the mornings they don’t get done. I’ve been way better at doing my morning routine, so I’ve actually been pretty good at getting them in! But that’s definitely something I really have to work on and make a priority to get done every morning! (again, you don’t HAVE to do your workouts in the mornings but that’s when I’ve been doing them!)

Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Plan

Listen, I am NOT a meal prepper. I will very rarely make anything in advance ha! But all through COVID season I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. So just having a better PLAN has been very helpful. Even if I’m just planning the night before what I’m going to eat for lunch and make for dinner the next day has been helpful. It’s definitely been harder for me being home all the time. The SNACKS! But I have been a lot more disciplined to sticking to a plan….if I have one!

Take Before Photos

I just took some before photos because I swear those are the most motivating thing of all. I remember when I did my first round of FWTFL after 4 weeks I was like wow I feel really good and feel like I can maybe tell a difference?! I snapped a photo and compared and was like WOW! I’ve lost weight! It’s working! And you better believe that photo kept me going! These are one of the most important parts of the program in my opinion!

Step on the Scale Before and After Your 6 Weeks – NOT in the Middle!

The easiest way to get instantly discouraged is by stepping on the scale. Just promise yourself you won’t do it. And just go off your photos! I promise it’s so freeing and you will feel more in control of yourself and your body if you’re not dictated by a number on a scale!

These are a few guidelines I’m working on! Not all Faster Way “musts” but I do think having guidelines are important to staying on track! I hope this is a helpful Faster Way to Fat Loss guide for beginners or anyone like me trying to get back to it! Have any other questions?! Leave them in the comments!

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