Faster Way To Fat Loss Workout Q&A

Hey friends! My hard drive on my computer went down on me so I apologize for the slow posting over the past week. I’m dying to share more from our Austin trip but hopefully we’ll be back in biz later today!

Today I wanted to take a little time to answer a few commonly asked questions. The next round of the Faster Way to Fat Loss program starts next Monday, June 12th (sign up here!) and it’s filling up fast so if you’re on the fence, I PROMISE this is a great way to start seeing results for that summer bod FAST! I saw a significant difference in just 3-4 weeks on my first round. It’s the real deal! (You can see my before and after photos here)

Faster Way To Fat Loss Workouts

So today we’re talking the workouts. A lot of people I’ve talked to seem to be intimidated by the workouts. And full disclosure, they’re tough, but they’re great.  I’m going to do these Q&A style, so if you have any questions you’d like answered, ask in the comments, on instagram or email me and I’ll be sure to add as I get more questions!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Workouts

How long are the workouts? They vary by workout but they’re almost all under an hour. Some I can complete in 30 minutes, some take closer to an hour with the warm up and cool down times included.

Are they hard? Well, they’re not easy. But they don’t kill you. I will say I often dread working out but I love the variation of these (lots of different workouts, options, etc.) so they don’t feel as dreadful as other workouts I’ve done in the past.

Different workouts? What do you mean? Weekly we incorporate low carb days and those are always paired with a sprint workout. Right now Amanda has three different “sprint” options which I LOVE! Once I get tired of one or start to dread it I switch it up. The rest of the week we incorporate lifting and Saturday is leg day. (Leg day is the hardest and you get to reward yourself with a treat afterwards! Wahoo!)

But you’re in shape, I haven’t worked out in years!? If you’re in the omg I won’t be able to do these crazy workouts freak out mode. Don’t freak. There’s a beginner version! In the weekly workouts there’s a beginner version of the regular workouts. You don’t have to choose which ones you want to do, they’re all available to you, but if you feel super intimidated you can always start out with the beginner and work your way up!

Where do you workout? Luckily Amanda has an at home version and a gym version. Especially in the warm months, I actually really enjoy working out outside, I’m also not a member at a gym so I love that I didn’t have to also join a gym to do this program. I typically just workout in my backyard or wherever I can get the workout in. If it’s after work I do it in town or in the dressing room at the shop, if it’s in the morning I just go out to my backyard or on my condo complex tennis court. It’s so nice you can literally do these workouts anywhere! I keep a yoga mat and two sets of dumbbells in my trunk (5 & 8 lb weights) so I’m ready anytime.

I’m super busy, what happens if I can’t get the workouts in? Not a big deal. Seriously. I’m busy too, and definitely don’t get all mine in like I wish I could. Amanda says that the nutrition should be your biggest focus. Fitting in the workouts have been a challenge for me because it’s been a few years since I really prioritized working out, but now I’ve learned a few hacks to make sure I fit them in! This week I’m making them top priority and getting them ALL in!

How many days a week do you workout? Weekly we have 2 active recovery days and 5 full workout days. To break it down there are 2 sprint days, 2 lifting days & 1 leg day. The active recovery days can be a walk, yoga or just taking the day off. I try to get a little movement in, but it’s nice you’re able to take the days off if you need it!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Workouts

Have any other questions about the workouts?! Leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them to the post! Ready to sign up? Registration will close SOON so don’t wait!

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