How To Fill Your Cup & Keep It Filled

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What fills your cup? We’ve all heard the phrase, but do we really know what it means? What fills our cup? Or how to keep it filled? When I start to get down, feel overwhelmed, overworked or just defeated I realize it’s because I’ve not been filling that cup back up. I’ve been draining myself, not putting enough time into myself, and typically just overworking myself. So I wanted to kick off this Monday with a little #mondaymotivation and tips on how I keep my cup filled and how you can too!

How I Re-Fill My Cup

When I notice myself feeling unmotivated, uninspired and just worn down I know something needs to change. If it doesn’t, I can assure you I’m going to skip my workouts, eat bad things, put work off and continue the downward spiral. So instead I try to take notice when this is happening and get it together! So a few things…

A Night at Home: When I’m busy and feeling worn down, I try to schedule a night off. A night where I come home and don’t get my work back out. I stay off social media, and I unwind. That can be watching a movie, drinking wine, taking a bath, etc. I ALWAYS wake up feeling refreshed. I can then get back to work with a rested mind. The introvert in me often times runs myself too hard and I literally crave this time. A night at home, to myself is sometimes all I need to change my mood!

Quality Friend Time: I have some of the most amazing, inspiring friends. They’re hardworking, they’re doing amazing things, and spending time with them truly brings me joy. Whether it’s grabbing coffee with them, celebrating their birthdays or even brainstorming or dreaming with them makes me so happy. I’m lucky I get to work with my best friend and get to do this with her on the daily, but I also am part of a weekly bible study group that lifts each other up once a week. And I have pretty regular shoot/coffee dates with Lacey which is also a great time to get some blogging inspiration.

Clean & Organize: When my home, car, life is unorganized, my mind is often the same! I will admit this is usually the last thing I make time for. But when I do have a weekend at home and I can get my home and life organized I am often SO READY to take on the day, the week, the month!

Tips on How To Learn What Fills Your Cup Up

Ok enough about me. I just wanted to share some things that help me, and why. So here a few tips on how to nail down what fills your cup. I know what fills mine probably won’t be the same for you.

Know Your Personality Type: As I mentioned before, I’m an introvert. People don’t believe this about me (Jared included -ha!) But I so need my me time. I love being around people and being social and being at events but they do exhaust me. Now that I know that about myself I can understand why I’m so exhausted after a crazy week or a busy weekend.

Know What Makes You the Most Productive You: For me I’m most productive when I’m organized but you might be most productive under pressure, or in the midst of chaos! But knowing when you’re most productive and how to be the most productive version of yourself can typically guarantee you’ll feel your best.

Know What Brings You Joy: When you know the things that truly make you happy, you usually notice that when you neglect those things you’re grumpy, sad and uninspired. So knowing the things that uplift you is like knowing how to get instantly happy when you’re not! Take time to enjoy those things!

Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim

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Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim

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Photos: Lacey from The Glitter Gospel

Embroidered Denim

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