5 Easy Ways to Re-Focus Your Goals for Success

how to re-focus your goals for success

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Happy July! Can ya’ll believe it’s already July 1st?! I definitely can’t. I feel like the past few months have flown by. They’ve felt a little chaotic but I’m so thankful life has slowed down just enough over the past week for me to catch my breath. It’s the beginning of a new month and I can now really take a little bit of time to focus on the reality that we’re HALFWAY through 2019!

Yeah, let that little reminder sink in. We’re halfway through the year. How are you doing? How are those goals coming along? If you’re like me you’re thinking yeah that whole “new year, same me” thing really held true, right?! Ha! May be time to re-focus your goals for success!

I love doing a little mid year reset which is actually what I’m working on this week so I thought I’d share a little reflecting that I’m doing and how I’m goal setting for the second half of the year. This is a little more personal, but I want to share in hopes it helps someone who’s like me out!

5 Easy Ways to Re-Focus Your Goals for Success

Do I set big, crazy goals that I think I’m going to accomplish each year?! YES. Do I accomplish them time and time again? Um, nope. Truth is most of the times I have no clue HOW to accomplish them. And a lot of times I focus on doing the wrong things. I know some things that go into accomplishing the goal so I’m doing some of the things right, but a lot of times I don’t focus on THE thing that actually gets me there. So here’s what I’m working on and how you can re-focus your goals for SUCCESS!

Write Down Your Goal Along with the Top 3 Action Items to Accomplish This Goal

Say your goal is to get 30 new customers by the end of the year. Previous Katie would write that down and be like ok, universe, let’s do this! I’ll “work on this” and just see what happens! New Katie knows this is no way to accomplish goals. So I’ll set that goal and write down 3 main action items to accomplish this goal. 30 new customers by the end of the year means 5 new customers per month. A lot of new customers have been coming from instagram, my website and referrals SO what can I do to beef that up? Create engaging content on instagram to attract my dream customers, better my website content to close new customers and ask your previous customers for more referrals!  Those are real action steps to help me accomplish that goal. Another one? Want to lose weight? What are 3 things that will get you there? Workout 5x a week, eat better & drink more water. Work on those things to see results!

These are very generic examples, but hopefully you get the picture! Break it out into three sections and TEST! Try things out, if they don’t work, try something different the next month. The key is you’re trying. And you have a plan for your try!

Put Your Action Items in Your Planner/Schedule

These action items are SO IMPORTANT for you to hit your goal, so they don’t need to be forgotten about! You need to write them out every day. I write them as little check boxes on each day in my planner. So when they don’t get checked off one day, I can see that I skipped it. One thing I’m working on right now is my consistency. Consistency for any business or accomplishing any goal is key. It’s one of the main things that can make or break a business. So to keep you accountable to going after those goals, you have to work on those items each and every day.

Give Each Goal a “Why”

If hitting that goal means you have a $2k bonus for vacation, remember that anytime you want to give up, or skip a day. If losing weight means you can finally rock that pair of pants in the back of your closet, remember that every morning when your alarm goes off at 6am. There will be lots of tough days during your journey and if you have a “why” tied to each goal to remind you to push forward during those tough days, you’ll be the one accomplishing that goal!

Put Reminders in Your Phone/on Your Mirror/ in your Car

A little weekly phone reminder never hurt anyone! Write those reminders in places to keep you thinking about those goals. It can be your why, it can be an inspiring quote, it can be your monthly goal, it can be a dollar amount you’re going for that month. Whatever it is, remind yourself of it daily, weekly, hourly, how ever often you need! This may be a silly one, but whatever works right?!


Don’t give up on those goals even if you’re failing miserably. Have a really crappy month? Get your mind outta the crap, and move on. Work harder. It’s going to be harder to catch up, but what happens if you don’t? If you give up on this goal, what will happen to the next goal? Show yourself and everyone else you can do it. Don’t. Give. Up.

Ok girls, who’s ready for the second half of 2019!? Let’s go!

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