My Favorite Fall Consignment Event

Fall isn’t quite here yet, but fall shopping is in full swing! One of my favorite shopping events of the season is here and if you’re local to the Knoxville area you NEED to know about this event! If you’ve been following for a while you’ve seen me talk about Statemint Consignment before, but truly, it’s my favorite! First off, Statemint is Knoxville & East Tennessee’s top adult consignment event. And I’m going to chat a little bit about why today!

East Tennessee Women's Consignment

Why Shop Consignment? AKA Someone Else’s Used Clothing?

Well first off, Statemint prides themselves on having quality, in season, current style clothing. What that means is, nothing that’s 10 years old and out of style will be on the floors at Statemint. Also, nothing that’s worn, has picks in it, holes in it, or just looks like junk also won’t be on the floors at Statemint. So you’re shopping quality items that are priced amazingly! I’m a pretty picky shopper and the past 2 sales I’ve shopped (last fall and this past spring) I’ve left with at least 6+ pieces that I loved and have worn a ton! Both sales I spent under $100 (last fall, I got a pair of $300 shoes brand NEW for $60!) Not going to lie, I love shopping fancier places, but I’m also a penny pincher at heart, so I love getting great deals on things I’m already shopping!

East Tennessee Women's Consignment

Obviously I love light pink and this pink & white striped top was calling my name! I also loved the 90’s vibes of this off white corduroy skirt and scooped both of these up for I think $6 for the shirt and $10 for the skirt! What a steal! And I’ve worn both numerous times!

Ugh, But I’m Not a Good Shopper in Those Kind of Settings!

Shopping consignment sales, vintage shops, Goodwill, etc. is definitely hard. It takes patience, focus and a plan. Last year I wrote a post with my 5 tips for shopping a consignment sale. If you need a little assistance or a game plan, check that post out! But just as a general tip. everyone can shop these! Just have a coffee before you come, set aside some time, don’t plan to be in and out in 30 mins, bring a friend and HAVE FUN! (I suggest bringing a friend that’s not the same size as you so you don’t fight over the good stuff…Lacey and I decided we can’t shop the sale together anymore ha!)

East Tennessee Women's Consignment

These Zara jeans were my friend’s Alison Saylor’s and I just got lucky and saw her bring them in! I scooped them as soon as it was my time to shop the pre-sale and was so happy I did! These are something that’s super trendy, and I wouldn’t really want to pay full retail price for, probably $60+, but for $15 at a consignment sale, Y-E-S! I’ll probably keep these one more season and then sell them.

Just Have FUN With It!

One thing I really love about the sale is that you can find things for such good prices you can truly have fun with the pieces! I’ve found some things I’m unsure of, or might need a little altering,  but the prices are so good, it’s much less of a risk. Not sure you can “pull something off?” Eh, try it out of it’s $20 or less! If it’s a no, give it to a friend, or sell it in next year’s sale!

East Tennessee Women's Consignment

I found these shorts that were longer, like knee length. Obviously they’re pretty grandma looking, and I thought….well I bet I can cut these off and they’d be pretty cute! Wa-la! I took some scissors to them, and how cute?! (I kind wish I would have not cut them as short as I did so I can wear them higher waisted, but oh well!) These were definitely $10 or less and have been some of my favorite easy shorts to throw on this summer! Also, how cute do they transition into fall?! I think I love them even more with this cropped sweater and booties!

Do You Sell Too?

YES! I purge my closet every season. I’m a firm believer in purging often and living out of a closet you LOVE. If you hate your options every time you look in your closet, it’s time to make a change!

If you need some encouragement on how to curate a closet you LOVE check out my Shopaholics Anonymous Series! You can also get some advice on how to clean out your closet!

I love getting rid of things that no longer bring me joy. If something is just sitting in my closet, it’s taking up very precious space, and needs to go onto a more loving home! I’ve learned to not get too attached to a piece of clothing. I can sell and use that money to buy something new! It’s also a nice little fall shopping bonus! Last fall I made around $400 selling my clothes! That’s a lotta fall shoppin’!

East Tennessee Women's Consignment

This year I’m selling a LOT more than I had anticipated. I sold a lot last fall and didn’t think I had much fall left that I wanted to get rid of. Sarah did a live of her cleaning out her closet and it really lit a fire under me to REALLY clean out my closet! Go through every single piece in there. Less clutter equals more freedom. I cleaned out my jewelry, my hats, LOTS of shoes I’ve been holding onto (I still slightly attached to these sequin J.Crew pumps I think I’m going to let them go. Someone please love them as much as I did!)

Photography: Sarah McAffry