Dot Com!

We’ve got some breaking news over here at Pearls & Twirls – you can now visit using the url! I’ve been not so patiently waiting for it to become available and when it did I scooped it up and here we are! I’m feeling a little like this right now……

Dot Com

Ha! But in all seriousness I do want to take a second before I jet off to the beach tomorrow morning to say thank you. I’ve had some really amazing opportunities through this blog and most of the time I’m so blinded by how much still needs to be done (never ending to-do lists anyone?) that I don’t appreciate or notice the little things. That sweet email I got yesterday because they found my blog through a friend or that random #FF from a blog bud, all those little things have to happen to make it to the big things, so thank you. Thanks for the comments, the emails, the follows, the likes and everything in between! And even though I wasn’t successful in planning out posts for everyday next week I’m going to celebrate tossing my to-do’s for a week and relax. I do have a few posts scheduled for next week so check back and be sure to check in on social media for some real-time beach action! You can follow here….

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P.S. Just in case you were wondering this picture is the result of a photographer mom and a goofball brother fanning your face for the windblown look, annnnd mom posted it on facebook. <insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji> Guess she knew I would need it sometime, mom always knows best! Happy Friday, y’all!