Don Gallo Dining

I had the pleasure of spending the evening at one of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville, Don Gallo Mexican Grill.  One of my good friends Alex, and I were invited to come try out some of their new menu items before they were officially available to their customers and let me say, if you’re not sure where you want to have dinner and drinks this weekend, this is your spot!  Everything was delicious! The Cuban sandwich and beer battered fires were a favorite of mine and the Especial Don Goyo (fajitas) and the Ceviche Puerto Vallarta were also delish.  And the drinks? All were so yummy and perfect for summer.  We started off the evening with the Tincho which is New Age wine + lime, served over ice and I think it was my favorite drink of the night.  The Sangria, Corona-rita and Jalapeno margarita were all delicious too though!  Disclaimer: the Jalapeno margarita is super spicy!

Such a fun night! Be sure to check out Alex’s post on the evening over on!