The Best of Denim Shorts

Alright y’all, let’s talk denim shorts. They’re even harder to shop for than jeans! Why is a great pair of denim shorts SO HARD TO FIND?!?! Add if you have non- pencil skinny legs you’re just out of luck! So I’ve been on the hunt for good (and flattering) denim shorts for girls with thicker legs. It’s been such a struggle I’ve been wearing the same pair of Free People denim shorts for like 8 years. (Seriously, I wore them in some of my very first posts in 2011!! lol at that post)  I don’t even remember how or where or why I got them, but they’ve turned into my summer staple for almost a decade. That’s a long time in the life of an article of clothing. They’ve been with me through weight gain and weight loss and they still fit and still looked good. They’re a little oversized these days but I do truly still love them. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them!

Denim Shorts for Girls With Thicker Legs

{This post was from 2012!!}

Finding denim shorts that very minimally touch your body is my ultimate goal. Especially in the legs. And it sounds like this is ya’lls biggest concern too. That’s the #1 thing I love the most about my free people ones. The leg holes are huge, in turn making my legs look much smaller! Win! Dear denim companies, this is all us thicker legged girls want, is our legs to look smaller! It shouldn’t be this hard to find a pair of denim shorts with big leg holes, yet, it actually is REALLY HARD! So if you’re here looking to the answer to this dilemma, unfortunately I don’t have it, but I am still working on it! So, I thought I would share my whole denim shorts saga with you and share a whole post on my journey to find the perfect pair…

Denim Shorts for Girls With Thicker Legs

What I’m Looking For in the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts…

  1. High Waist – All of my denim shorts are low rise, but since I don’t like them tight, that’s ok.Except when I want to wear a cropped or shorter top with them. Homegirl doesn’t want any belly showing, k?
  2. Large Leg Holes – I don’t want any of the shorts touching me except at the waist. Especially not in the leg holes, because it makes your legs look much larger then they are. (Well, maybe not larger then they are, but larger than necessary. We’ve been through this, larger holes = smaller legs.)
  3. Distressed/Cutoff Look – The distressed look is in and they’re called cutoffs for a reason. Sometimes a cuff is ok, but I’m more into the full on cutoff look. So frayed hem with some distressing.

I probably tried on 20 pairs of shorts! I’m highlighting my favorites below and I literally had 3 favorites that I would purchase and wear myself all at various price points which is awesome!

The Best Denim Shorts for Girls with Thicker Legs

$: Target’s Wild Fable brandHigh Rise Denim Shorts – $15 – These are high waisted, distressed, and have a loser fit through the legs and are only $15! I tried on a few pair from the Wild Fable line, but the Target I went to didn’t have this pair that I found online. They’re so cute, I think I may try to order these online! I don’t mind the black, but I’m not much a black in summer kinda girl, so I’d rather have the denim. I also sized up to a 8 in these (I tried the 6 on in the striped pair and while they fit, they just fit more snug than I like my shorts.)

Here’s the size 6 in the stripe style ( I actually kind of love these!) same style- one size down.

$$: My Kind of Lovely Button Bottoms$36 – If you like the exposed button and paper bag style shorts these are for you! As soon as we found these I was instantly in love! They’re perfect to tuck a top into or wear super casual for summer and they’re so comfy! These are adorable and so fun to switch your denim shorts style up! Boutique sizing, especially on bottoms can be hard but I loved that these ran very TTS. I got a medium, which is a suggested 4-6 (I’m more of a 6!) and they fit perfectly! They come in a light wash and a dark wash but I got the light wash for me!

$$: Topshop Distressed Mom Cutoffs$60 – These are what I bought and loved last year! They’re super high rise so they fill my cropped top dreams! (I’m obsessed with how they looked with the white ruffle top above!) They’ve come out with a new style this year that still looks super similar. They actually look like the leg holes are even bigger which is much better anyway! I’ve LOVED these and the new ones only look even better!

Denim Shorts for Girls With Thicker Legs
Denim Shorts for Girls With Thicker Legs

$$: Abercrombie High Rise Mid Length Denim Shorts – ON SALE for $29 – I ran into Abercrombie to test out a few pairs of denim because I keep seeing denim shorts and jeans and they’re all so cute! I had to stop and try them out! I loved these high rise, longer length denim shorts and was pleasantly surprised that these were my usual size 28!

$$$: AGOLDE Parker Distressed Denim Shorts$128 – If you’re looking for a great quality pair of cut off shorts, these are the shorts for you. I ordered these last year and had buyers remorse and sent them back. After still wanting them a year later I snagged them on a local boutique’s Memorial Day sale and I am so glad I did. These are so good. They’re a great length, they’re comfy, great distressing, go with everyhting and they never lose their shape. Perfect denim shorts if you’re ready to pony up $128 – they’re worth it.

If ya’ll have denim shorts you love, let me know! I’d love to try them out! And if you decide to snag a pair of these please let me know which ones and if you love them! I can’t wait to hear!

**If you’re reading this in email, click through to the post to see all the photos! When I post side by side images for some reason they don’t come through in the emails. Thank you!**

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