Budget Buys: Old Navy Pants

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys lately but the self employed life has me on a serious shopping budget these days. Now, I do get the perks of shopping my own store anytime I want but as far as any additional shopping it’s gotta be a serious deal or I can’t hardly swing it. So if you’re anything like me and on a shopping budget too, I’m really going to try my best at keeping you guys in the loop on some of the best sales, steals and budget friendly items the best I can! This week I’m really loving the new “soft pants” from Old Navy. They’re so much like these of mine from Zara that I love so much. They can be dressed up but also very easily dressed down. I love them with heels but they’re also a great pant to throw on with flats or sandals. Your sumer work wardrobe will love you for these and some of them are only $19, so your wallet will love you too!


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