Summer Sippin’ with bubba

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From work, to play, to beyond, I’m in love with my bubba® water bottles! Now that summer is almost here, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re staying hydrated. And the only way I can accomplish that is by taking my bubba water bottles along!

Bubba Water Bottle Review

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself for not making sure I have a refillable water bottle packed for whatever the day throws me. They’re SO easy to fill up and tote around with you that it makes getting your water in so easy, even when you’re on the go! Whether you’re running from a workout class, to work, to play, these bottles are the best!

Bubba Water Bottle Review

Bubba Water Bottle

The bubba Envy Mug is literally my new bff. I’m so obsessed with this giant mug! This guy is definitely my go-to for long days. I can fill it up and sip on it all day at work. It’s 48 oz, so it’s my favorite thing for when I’m sitting at my desk or in the shop all day. I can make sure I’m drinking enough water without having to get up for lots of refills! I’ve gotten into the worst habit of filling up a small glass of water and never refilling it all day long, so this cuts out my refill time! If I drink one full one while I’m working, I’m doing great, but if I can drink two, I’m basically crushing those water intake goals! With the double-wall insulation it will never sweat, which means I will never have to worry about it leaving a mess on my desk.

Bubba Water Bottle

After a full day at work, I can refill it on the way out the door while I’m off to the next adventure! It’s perfect to grab and go with, too!

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Bubba Water bottle

My favorite for when I’m on the go more is the bubba Envy S. This one is a more standard size cup that fits in a cup holder and is just a little easier when you’re really on the go. It will also keep your drink cold for 18 hours! So it’s perfect for a workout class, running errands, an afternoon at the pool or kayaking! It’s stainless steel, so it’ll keep your drink cold, even when you’re outside all day, which is a definite plus for the summertime!

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Water Bottle for workout

Bubba Water Bottle for workout

You can find both bottles in-store at Walmart on roll-back! The Envy S, also found at is $8.88 while the Envy Mug is $12.96. I think it’s good to know that there are a few different must-have cups for prime summer sippin’ and it’s also important to know which to use when, ya know?! These are definitely two of my favorites that I will absolutely be using all summer long! They’re also super easily shoppable at your local Walmart!

Bubba Water Bottle at Walmart