My Journey To Body Confidence

Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

Today we’re digging a little deeper than usual and talking body confidence. I honestly can’t tell ya’ll the last time I felt comfortable in a swimsuit. And if I’m being completely honest, the answer may be never. I have my problem areas and I’ve always felt that no swimsuit style looks good on me. Like seriously none. I’ve always hated them all!

But this summer is different. I can’t tell you how much the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program has literally changed me. I feel more confident in my food choices, I feel stronger and most of all I feel more confident. Yes, I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel great but the way it has also flattened out my stomach and made my mid section so much smaller is seriously beyond me. Yes, I’ve worked for it and have followed the program the best way I can but ya’ll, at one point in my life I was running a half marathon every month and I still hated the way I looked in a swimsuit. It’s crazy! (See my 6 week before & after photos here) I can officially say I feel better in a swimsuit at 30 than I did at 20!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all trying to toot my own horn here, I just want to share my results and my love for the program with you guys. I still have plenty of problem areas and probably won’t be posting any full body shots in string bikinis anytime soon. But I do think body confidence is something that’s very hard for most women. The girls with their perfect bodies on my instagram feed alone are enough to drive a girl crazy! But feeling confident just the way you are is an accomplishment in itself.

Today, I still have some work to do, but I feel confident and I believe that is something to be proud of. I’m proud I’ve gotten to a point where I feel comfortable being me in a swimsuit (& not wrapping my arms around my stomach when I stand up). I’m proud I’ve overcome the pressures of the number on the scale or looking a certain way. And I’m proud of my hard work and my dedication! It’s hard but I’m so glad I took that first step in the right direction just a few months ago!

{And I may have gone a little overboard with swimsuit shopping to reward myself! Speaking of, this cute swimsuit is from Aerie and while it’s sold out, there are LOTS of other cute ones on major markdown!}

I know this program isn’t for everyone but I’m seriously hooked! If you’re interested in joining, the next round starts July 10 and registration is currently open! Sign up today! You can read my experience here and see my before and after photos, and also all my other posts about the program here!

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Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

Body Confidence in Aerie Swimsuit

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  1. brooke

    Oh my gosh girl! You look amazing! Loved this post!


  2. tiffany

    I am legit eating an oreo blizzard as I’m reading this post so mayyyyyybe i should sign up immediately!!! LOL. No really, I’m definitely signing up! Excited!!! xo

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