Beauty Babe

I’ve recently come to realize I’m definitely not much of a beauty junky. I like trying out new products, I love my Birchbox subscription and literally can’t live without my bright lipsticks but when sale times come around you will absolutely find me more in the clothing section. New clothes, shoes and bags are what I get the most thrill out of putting to good use. So, as one clothing junkie would do, around Nordstrom sale time I absolutely headed straight to the shoes & clothing sections. Always bypassing everything beauty. But this go-round I spent a little time lusting over the beauty section I think you might too!

Also, I’ve mentioned on Instagram but I figured I would share here as well. I absolutely LOVE the Living Proof no frizz hair products and they have an awesome set available right now that I highly suggest checking out. Especially if you have naturally frizzy hair. I don’t, but this Tennessee humidity can definitely get a little frizz action going on when I’m outside all day. I used these the weekend of CMA Fest and was literally outside all day and my hair was still stick straight when I got home! No weird kinks, curls or frizz around my face. It was pretty amazing! Shop this set right here

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.13.50 PM


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