Eat Beef: Benefits Of Buying Your Beef Locally

Exciting news! I never thought I’d be sharing a post on beef, but here we are! Jared & I have been wanting to start a freezer beef business for a while now, but it does take a lot of planning. Right now we have a smaller herd that we plan to grow and selling our cattle as beef just hasn’t been the top priority. But we’re officially starting! So let’s chat about some of the benefits of buying your beef locally!

We’re so excited to share our homegrown beef with you! If you’re local (middle or east Tennessee) and want to be put on our email list for beef updates, sign up here. Right now we’re only selling locally, (middle or east Tennessee) but maybe one day we’ll be able to ship.

What are Some of the Benefits of Buying Beef Locally?

You know exactly where it’s coming from. In our case, these cattle were born, raised & harvested in Tennessee. We can also guarantee our animals were treated humanly and with lots of love from birth. It’s pretty cool to know that your Saturday night steak came from a farm down the road.

The meat you’re eating has all come from the same animal. In ground beef at the grocery store you could be getting beef from multiple cows all ground together. With ours, the ground beef and the burger patties we offer all are coming from the same animal.

It’s more sustainable. Buying your meat from the grocery store is great, but buying your beef from a farm down the road means the cattle stayed local and weren’t transported halfway across the country to be finished & harvested. It’s a very sustainable way to eat your beef!

It’s a great price! When you buy your beef locally and in bulk, you’re getting an amazing price on your beef. Right now you can buy a whole beef, half or a quarter from us. You’re going to get a lot of beef, but for a “bulk” price. Think Costco for your beef! You can buy half a beef and eat on it all year long for a fraction of what you’re currently paying at the grocery store! You just have to pay upfront and be able to store it.

You’re supporting small, local, farmers and ranchers! This one doesn’t need much explaining. There are lots of great ways you can support your local farmers and ranchers but the best way you can, is buy their meat or produce!