February Intention: Routine

Now that crazy January is behind us, I’m excited to take February to get into a routine. January (well, and November and December) had no routine to them. Except just survival, work hard to get it all done, mode which is hardly normal and hardly a routine. So February, let’s do this!

Be Intentional with Routines

Y’all may or may not remember, but I set a word of the year and shared more about that in this blog post. Well my word of the year was Intention and every month this year I’m going to focus on a different area of intention that I’ll be working on. The goal is to make smaller, more intentional, focuses on different areas to make the most impact! Y’all are welcome to join me on this journey or just follow along to see how I’m making changes! If you do join me, PLEASE let me know and let me know how you’re doing! I’ll be sharing on social media under the hashtag #beintentionalwithkatie and would love for you to share your journey too!

February Intention: Be Intentional with Routines

As I’m getting older I’m realizing how much I do thrive off a routine. I’m not a strict routine person, I need flexibility, but I do my best work when I’m in some sort of routine. Since I’ve been very “off” any kind of routine, here are a few areas I’m working on to help me better my routines.


I’m not a morning person. I love sleeping and hate waking up. I’m definitely more of a night owl and a sleep in kinda girl, but that’s not the best thing for me. This month I’m going to not only get up earlier, but go to bed earlier too. 11 pm bedtime 7 am wake up time. Phone away and on DND by 10:30/11:00 every night.

Meal Prep & Cooking

When you don’t have a good food routine, you can get off track super easily. I’ve been all over the place lately. I’ve been at my parent’s, working late, working weird hours, at Jared’s, out all day, etc. It makes it so hard to meal plan when you’re all over the place. Even though I’m still busy, I’m going to try to get into a routine of actually planning out my food so that I make time to actually cook it and eat it! Of course I’ll share my tips, my meal plans and recipes here too!

Setting Work Hours

When you’re self employed it’s real easy to work all the time. Posting on instagram is work, running errands can sometimes be work, just checking on one thing turns into an hour and a half in your email inbox or glued to your phone. I’m also juggling now 3 businesses and it’s easy to jump back and forth between them all checking, doing, sharing, talking, etc. But I’m going to try my best this month to time block my work, get it done, and move on. I’m also going to really try to put the phone up at night. Because again, checking instagram turns into work and before you know it you’re working at 11:30 pm.

Finding my Best Workout Time

I feel like working out in the mornings is best for me, but I want to play around with working out other times of the day, especially days I’m working from home, so I can get into a good workout routine that optimizes my day! Working out doesn’t come easy to me. I don’t love it, I don’t look forward to it, I often cut it out with any excuse I can find. So finding and sticking to a workout routine that works for me, I think will optimize my success and help me stick to the schedule!

Be Intentional with Routines

Those are my 4 routines I’m working on this month. They seem easy enough written out on paper, but we’ll see how easy they actually are to do! 🙂 Let me know if you’re working on any of these areas too and we can chat!

Photos by Evolve Creative Studio