Goal Setting: April

Another month down. I seriously can’t believe it’s already April! This year is flying by so fast it doesn’t even feel like it’s already time for my birthday! Also, regardless of what anyone says about getting older I think I’ll always get excited about upcoming birthdays! I just love them!

Batch Working in Denim on Denim

March Goal Update:

Lets chat March goals. My goal was to get back in my groove with the Faster Way to Fat Loss and I definitely feel like I did. I’m much more in my groove than I was in January and February which is great. I was not perfect, but progress, not perfection is my motto, so just the fact that I improved I’m happy! I also shared a little more about it here, but I do still have a few other post ideas that will be coming soon! (Read my full March Goals Post Here)

I also hit a huge behind the scenes goal and was one of the top 10 referrals for the Faster Way to Fat Loss and got invited to a VIP weekend in Florida with the creator, Amanda Tress! I’m so excited about the opportunity and a little intimidated, but am so looking forward to going! It’s coming up in 2 weeks, so I’ll be sharing a little more here. If ya’ll are interested to see what I’m buying and packing for the trip let me know! I’d love to share!

Batch Working in Denim on Denim

April Goals and Focus: Batch Working

I’m switching up my original April & May plans and doing batch working this month. I’ve been really trying to just incorporate this into my schedule and I think I’m ready to dive in. I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to do two work from home days from Jared’s a week so that he and I can spend more time together. That is so much easier said then done and I’m still perfecting the schedule but I think I’ve finally worked out an attainable weekly schedule and am really excited about it! I want to maximize productivity when I’m working and make sure all my tasks are accounted for in a timeframe each week. And if things need to switch around they can, because they definitely will, but if they all have their own little time slot then I can arrange, make attainable task lists, and get them all done! I won’t bore you with allll the details but here’s a typical weekly list so far. If ya’ll are interested in hearing more about batch working, I may even do a full blog post and break it all down.

Batch Working Schedule:

Monday: Blog Work Day

  • Planning posts for the week & writing posts for the week
  • Planning out social media
  • Catching up on emails
  • Sending emails
  • Planning out social media
  • Shoot any last minute content

Tuesday: MKL General Work Day

  • Photoshoot/plan photoshoots
  • Shipping online orders
  • Weekly meeting with Caroline
  • Implement weekly meeting ideas and notes for the week

Wednesday: MKL Knox Day

  • Anything that needs to be done in store and for store planning
  • Orders/reorders
  • Plan events
  • Plan marketing
  • Take instagram photos for the week & plan out instagram posts for the week
  • Send out employee notes & make to-dos
  • Work on schedule

Thursday: mykindoflovely.com Day

  • Working on any website updates
  • New arrivals go online
  • Online promo emails for the week / make graphics / schedule posts / etc.
  • Schedule facebook posts for the week
  • Deal with any problems, customer emails, etc.

Friday: Catch Up Day

  • Anything that didn’t get done
  • Planning for the upcoming week
  • Shoot blog photos with Lacey (sometimes)

This is just a start to my schedule, and again, I’m sure this will change around a lot, but I love that I can have a little bit more structure in my days. I’ve also been semi working on this schedule and know this one is a little more attainable then the one I originally came up with at the beginning of the year. Once I get the general schedule down I’m going to really try to block out the exact times. So I’ll be blocking out 1 hour for emails, 1 hour per blog post, 3 hours for photoshoots, 4 hours for creating graphics, etc. Lots to learn and lots to figure out this month but I’m super excited to try it out!

Batch Working in Denim on Denim

Coming up Next….

May: Money – Money is such a hard thing to talk about, but I want to be better at my spending, better at my saving, and all around cut as many costs as I can. I want to get smarter with my money and with budgeting. I’ve never read the Dave Ramsey books but I would like to implement a new strategy and spend the month learning more about it and ways to better my money habits. I’d also love that extra push to really work on my meal prep and meal planning. I think this will majorly help me in the budget area and also goes hand in hand with my March goals!

June: Relationships – Work slows down in the summer months so it’s nice that we can slow down and take some time off. I want to spend a month putting my relationships first, taking time off work, spending quality time with the people I love and really working on improving the relationships that are most important to me.

Batch Working in Denim on Denim

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