Balance, in my opinion, is one of the hardest parts of being a blogger.  When you get busy there’s not as much time for outfit photos and even less time for actual posting.  Then you factor in not only rounding up someone to take your photos but also during those few hours in the evening when the light is best? It’s tough. This week just hasn’t worked out for me in finding that balance and I apologize! I’m getting ready for a fun Bachelorette trip to Atlanta this weekend and promise to share photos when I’m back! Until then here’s a few instagram photos of what’s been going on this week!

{Yesterday’s outfit: Asos skirt, Topshop peplum top and rose gold details}

{Scored some awesome sale items on a quick mall run! J.Crew and Ann Taylor}

{Wedding fun! 1. posing before the photo booth! 2. my best friends wedding invite!}

**Oh! And I entered this neon pink outfit in a BaubleBar neon contest and would love your vote!! {Vote Here} And I also started Pearls and Twirls a facebook page.  {Like it here}