Best Advice for the Multi-Passionate Person

Calling all multi passionate people out there! There is hope for you! 😉 At the beginning of this year I set some goals for my businesses. And I’ll be honest, juggling a lot of things feels really intimidating some days, but some of us are meant to be multi passionate people! I started the year off thinking, how can I improve? Where do I need to cut back? What can I let go of? And I realized – the main thing I needed to let go of was my ridiculous obsession with trying to mirror my story with someone else’s!

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What’s that mean? Well I’m pretty sure we all do it…

We start something new, say you want to become an influencer. Well where do you start? What do you do? How do you become an influencer? Our first instinct is to check out other influencers and see how they did it? What do they post? Where do they shop? How did they grow? And then we try to mirror their story. We read articles, listen to podcasts, we try to learn as much as we can and with each new thing we do we forget a little bit about ourselves. We get so obsessed with becoming _____ that we lose a little bit of us along the way!

This goes with literally everything we do too, not just in business! Remodeling your house, becoming a mom, getting dressed, planning a wedding, eating, dieting, working out, etc, etc, etc!

Social media and the endless inspiration and consumable content on the internet has made us go searching for who we should be instead of really embracing who we are.

There are plenty of successful multi-passionate people out there but the one thing that sets them apart? They really embrace themselves and how their brands are all connected! It’s most important to blaze your own trail as someone who is juggling multiple things. Because in reality you can’t compare your journey as a multi-passionate person, juggling multiple passions with someone who’s sole focus is one thing. It’s not fair. But you DO get to set yourself apart from them!

So let’s get into the tips. My best advice for the multi-passionate person:

{Outfit: My Kind of Lovely}

Limit Your Time Consuming & Looking at What Others In Your Line of Work are Doing:

I tend to get wrapped up in the “inspiration” of instagram. I’ve committed to being really intentional of my time on the app lately. It’s given me more time to actually work on creating, look inside myself for the answers, and dream up new ideas for my brand versus recreating other’s ideas.

Create Mood Boards:

If you’re a creative person and your mind tends to fill up with the inspo but it also always feels a little bit jumbled, try creating mood boards. Even just folders on your phone of saved photos is helpful to me! I get distracted on instagram & pinterest, so I tend to create my own virtual boards or photo albums in my phone for less distractions!

Batch Work:

When you’re juggling multiple passions and businesses you really don’t have an option in this. And as someone who isn’t a really good planner, I really struggle with batch working! I KNOW I need to do it, but I’m not good at it – ha! The better you can plan and work ahead the more time you’ll have to do more things, grow, and take time off! A few things you can easily batch work: writing blog posts, scheduling out social media posts, film multiple reels at once and shoot photos. Since I juggle multiple businesses and tasks, I really try to knock out a lot of My Kind of Lovely things in one day, then the next day work on blog/instagram things at once. It takes discipline and it’s tough to not get distracted, but it’s worth it!


I don’t know why it feels hard to embrace being yourself? Maybe because we’re always trying to grow and improve and our instinct is to look outside ourselves to do that? But the biggest thing I’m embracing, especially with the ever changing space that social media is, the only person we can be is ourselves. The MOST important part of your business is the piece that you bring to it! Be unapologetically you!

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