A Day In The Life

I share little snips of what I’m doing here and there but thought it would be fun to share a little more of what I do on a daily basis now that I’m 100% self employed. It’s definitely much different than any other times in my life and I may rely on caffeine a little too much these days but whatever works, right?

day in the life with Starbucks-10

8:00 – Usually hitting the snooze button and trying to find any excuse to not get up and go for a run.

8:15 – Find a great excuse not to run and start checking emails, make sure the day’s blog post went live and scroll through instagram.

8:30 – Coffee & computer from bed. I schedule most of my social media posts for the day in the morning, usually get a little distracted by a few emails and an hour later seriously need to stop working and start getting ready!

10:00 – Dressed & ready to head to work. It’s so nice that My Kind of Lovely doesn’t open until 11:00 but since I like to fit in a little blog work in the mornings I like to do some outfit photos before work and while I still look decent. This isn’t an optimal time in the day for beautiful sunlit photos but it works with my schedule so I roll with it!

day in the life with Starbucks

{I’m literally a bag lady. I’m usually toting a purse, work tote & a change of clothes to and from work on any given day.}

11:00 – My Kind of Lovely opens and I shift gears from blogger to shop girl.

Starbucks collage

11:15 – I’m hot from those outdoor photos and need more caffeine. Hot coffee isn’t going to do it so I reach for one my favorite cold starbucks drinks. (I usually go for the nonfat milk + coffee iced coffees but somedays call for the extra yummy frappachinos – this coconut & mocha one is amaze!)

day in the life with Starbucks-4

1:30 – Since we get a later start to work we usually don’t have lunch at a decent hour and definitely don’t know what a lunch break is anymore. Caroline & I are are often ordering salads from the restaurant next door and always eating over our computers!

4:00 – It’s usually time for a little pick me up. The Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee packets are so easy and so convenient! I seriously love them! Just mix with a little ice & water and you have instant, sweetened iced coffee! Perfect for an afternoon pick me up!

day in the life with Starbucks-5

day in the life with Starbucks-6

6:00 – Quittin’ time at the shop but not for me! Two nights a week I teach baton lessons so it’s time to change clothes, switch out that coffee for water and head to the school gym! This is where I usually use that morning excuse to fit my run in after my lessons. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t!

day in the life with Starbucks-8

9:00 – Head home for some blog time. I’m usually home between 8-9, grab dinner and open the computer. Depending on how much prep time I’ve done for the next day’s blog post it can take anywhere from an hour to 5 hours (I really could work all night!) So I’m typically back in bed and on the computer until midnight at least!

**All you bloggers out there get me but when people make the comment “but who has time for that?” I hope you can see that, actually, we don’t just have the extra time lying around for blogging. We work. We work hard and we work often. We make the time for it because we love it.**

And a special thanks to Starbucks for fueling my caffeine addiction! I’ve loved partnering with them and being a part of their blogger community. I think this summer package was one of my favorites. I literally can’t go without my iced coffees in the summer!

day in the life with Starbucks-9

Disclosure: I was gifted all Starbucks items in this post in exchange for my review. As always, all thoughts are my own and I would never partner with brands that I don’t fully support! Thanks for supporting the brands and partnerships that keep this blog alive!