How to Be Less Scatterbrained: 5 Easy Ways

Anyone else feel like a scatterbrained mess at times?! I hope it’s not just me? It’s not, right?!?! You too? Ok, good, let’s chat.

How to Be Less Scatterbrained: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

“Simplify” was one of my New Years resolutions and focuses for 2017 and as I’m really working on it I do feel that it helps with the scatterbrained-ness that I suffer from on the daily. I’m pretty sure a simple, organized life would absolutely help me in this area. Because doesn’t that sound perfect and easy?! With a business, a house and a fiance in 3 different cities I tend to be running around a lot. I definitely have the “living out of the backseat of my car” thing down but I’m really trying to work on taking the stress out of living out of the backseat of my car. Ha!

Along this journey I’ve definitely pinpointed areas I need to improve on and have made changes that make a significant difference. So here are a few things I’m working on that are already making a difference.

How to Be Less Scatterbrained: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

5 Ways To Be Less Scatterbrained

Stop doing too much.

Ya’ll. We can’t do it all! And I know this isn’t a groundbreaking #1 but it’s SO important for us to remember. Every single day I get this, “I’m superwoman, I can do it all” attitude and I need to remember. No, I’ll be a much better superwoman and girl boss if I do the right stuff, not all the things. Let’s get a plan and a timeline together and let’s do it.

Take 5 minutes out of your day to get and stay organized.

I’ve found when my desk, work bag, purse, camera bag, etc is organized I’m way less scattered. I’ve also just recently found that having purse/tote/bag pouches is the key to organization. You mean pens aren’t supposed to just be thrown to the bottom of your bag?  It also takes only minutes if you keep up with it! So, every week day I’m trying to keep my daily bags organized. I have pencil pouches, lipstick pouches, phone charger pouches, camera pouches and it’s genius! Seriously. And it gives you a great reason to break out all those cute little bags!

Keep notebooks & planners around at all times and jot stuff down.

If I keep my planner and work notebook out and on my desk all day it helps me keep up with my to-do lists, easily check my progress and see what’s still on the list. I also keep a spare notebook with me at all times so that when I do need to jot things down it’s all in the same notebook, versus on post-its, random pieces of paper or in random notebooks. I try to immediately write down important things throughout the day that I think of so they don’t get lost in the scatterbrain!

Block segments of time out of your day for certain things.

I have a reallllly hard time with this. But I’ve found that if I give myself a deadline, I can usually hit it. Like, set 2 hours out of the day for emails and once that 2 hours is up, you move on. A lot of times I’ll start a blog post, get distracted and an hour later I’ve gotten nothing done. Dang, you internet! But If I say, I’m finishing this post by 10:30, I can usually get it done. (Obviously it’s important to also give yourself realistic time lines.)


Ok we all love the real time alerts on our phones but for goodness sake it can drive a girl crazyyy! Turn off the ones that aren’t completely necessary. I swear I’ll go to post an instagram, get distracted by a notification and 15 minutes later I forgot what I was doing. I also just installed Boomarang for gmail and while I’m still figuring it out it seems pretty genius. You can set your notification times so they they all come in during those 2 hours you’ve set aside for emails versus all day long, which ends up distracting you from the tasks you’re currently working on. OR if you’re like me and tend to open an email and then forget about it and leave it hanging in your inbox, you can set it to come back at a certain time which I love. If it’s an email I don’t need to deal with until tomorrow, I send it back at a time I know I’ll be at my desk, checking emails.

How to Be Less Scatterbrained: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

**Bonus #6** Another thing that has really helped me slow down at times is my Praise & Petition Journal. I seriously have come to love it. I’ve found that journaling my scatterbrained thoughts seems to streamline them a bit. It also helps me think about the whats and the whys of my feelings. I know it’s not for everyone but I’ve been working to make it a priority and I love the result!

This particular Prayer Journal started July 1 and is a dated journal which, for me, really helps me stay in check. Sometimes I think it’s only been a day or two since I journaled but really it’s Friday and I journaled last on Monday. We sell these at MKL and only have a few left. But since they’ve already started I’m going to give ya’ll a 30% off code if you’re interested in scooping one up for yourself! I seriously LOVE mine! Use code PRAISE {Shop the Praise & Petition Journal Here}