5 Personal Development Books to Read in 2020

I’ve been on a major growth and personal development journey this year and one thing that’s majorly helped keep me inspired is reading more personal development books.

I try to read a chapter each morning with my Miracle Morning routine and feel like I’ve been flying through books that way! I honestly feel so productive when I implement my morning routine which has been so great for me! So I’m rounding up 5 of my favorite personal development books and sharing what’s on my next up list!

5 Personal Development Books to Read in 2020 featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

5 Personal Development Books I’ve Read & Loved

Miracle Morning

I LOVED this book and devoured it. It took me like a week to read and I just took a little time each morning as I learned more about the Miracle Morning routine. This book really changed the game for my mornings. From someone who struggled to get up by 8 in June, is now usually out of bed around 6:30! Might not be a huge deal to some, but it has majorly changed the game for this self proclaimed, “not a morning person” person. I read the Miracle Morning for Network Marketers but theres a general Miracle Morning book that’s great too!

Ego is the Enemy

Woah this book is full of gut punches. I literally think everyone should read this. It’s an amazing look at the Ego and how it rules our life and how to let go of it. So many amazing stories of how the Ego has affected people throughout history!


John Maxwell is the greatest. I feel like I need to read all of his books and soak in all of his knowledge. This book is so great for anyone in a leadership position. If you’re in charge of other people at work, if you’re a business owner, if you’re someone who wants to pour into other people, this book is for you.

Come Matter Here

This is a more feel good personal development book. I read it alongside Ego is the Enemy and was such a nice feel good moment after I got punched in the gut by Ego is the Enemy- ha! The author is so open and venerable sharing her story that it just made you really take a step back and look at your own journey.

The Obstacle is the Way

This is by the same Author as Ego is the Enemy and I even though I literally just started it this week I can already tell it’s going to be so good! Another one that’s great for anyone- we all face obstacles and this book teaches you how to overcome them!

What I’m Reading Next…

Next up, I just ordered Building Your Story Brand, and am PUMPED for this one. This is a great book for anyone who is building a brand online! I also have and haven’t started White Fragility and I Will Teach You to Be Rich. I can’t wait to dive into all of them! I’m hoping after a super productive week this week I’ll have a little extra reading time this weekend! What are you guys reading?! Any personal development favs? Leave them in the comments!

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