5 Easy Goals to Set This Fall

Fall is here and I’m still kind of in denial that there’s really only 3 months left in the year. Time seems to be FLYING lately and while that usually gives me anxiety I’m trying to use it to fuel me. Fuel my excitement, my passions and remind me to stop wasting time and get it DONE.

5 Easy Goals To Set This Fall

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the changing of the seasons. I love embracing the change and getting a breath of fresh air that comes with change. But I also tend to hang on to that last season. Like ah, I never got to do this, I really wanted to go to the lake one more time, etc. But it’s also important to not worry about what you didn’t do and move on to what you can do!

With that I thought I’d share what I’m working on! I’m doing a little fall reset in my personal life to help me get my mind right and organized and hopefully this will help me stay on task to knock 2018 out of the park! Wahoo! These are 5 things I’m planning to do to hold myself accountable to reach my goals for the end of 2018 and all things you can do with me!! I’ve become an obsessive goal setter and I truly think taking time to think through these things and set some short term goals helps us break bad habits and form new, good habits. Once we start doing these things they become less of a task and more of just your life. And I LOVE that!

5 Easy Goals To Set This Fall

Try at Least One New Healthy Recipe a Week

I shared 2 weekends ago on insta stories a few new recipes I was trying out. That totally helped me get out of my eating rut. I was bored with what I was cooking, therefore bored with eating healthy. So trying some new healthy recipes was super encouraging! That may sound silly but for this super basic eating girl, a challenge to try something new once a week is a great reminder! I’m also SO excited about all the pumpkin things and all the soups and chili recipes! (I’ll definitely share what I’m trying on instagram and hopefully do a recipe round up here too!)

Set Aside at Least One Hour a Week to Do Something Creative

I’ve been feeling a need for some change around here. Especially when it comes to shooting content for the blog. And sometimes change is good. I actually have teamed up with the cutest little college girl, Loren, who also has a blog Classically Grace, and she is going to help me shoot some blog content once a week. It’s so nice to have someone to help, someone who gets it and it holds me accountable to schedule the time in my week. I’m LOVING having her help so far and loving having that time set aside each week!

Leave My House 30 Minutes Earlier Every Work Day

We all have endless errands that have to get done, but I’ve found if I can just get out of the house sooner, getting them done in the morning before work is the way to go. So whether I’m leaving early to get to work early and get a head start on work, or if it’s to run by the bank or the post office I feel SO much better when I just knock it out before getting to work.

Start Every Monday With A Weekly List

I’ve been writing out a massive weekly must do list on Mondays that include everything I need to do. It’s like a brain dump of sorts. But it gets all those things on paper and then I’ll keep that as my master list for the week and write down daily to-do lists. I’ve been super productive when I’ve been doing that so I’m really going to try to remember to EVERY Monday write that list.

Stop Making Excuses

I saved the hardest one for last! HA! I’ve found that lately I’ve been making excuses for not getting my workouts in, not getting up early, not hitting publish on that blog post, etc. etc. etc. When you’re busy, on the go, kinda crazy, excuses just happen. But, I’m seriously going to try my HARDEST to stop that. Stop making the excuses and just get it done.

5 Easy Goals To Set This Fall

Most of the week you’ll find me in outfits like this one. Jeans, an easy top, tennies, a hat, and my fun work tote!

So friends, let’s get to work and crush these last 3 months of 2018!