4 Ways I’m Wearing My Denim Shorts for “Fall”

I can’t believe September is almost over! Truly, where has this year gone?! I’m also kind of dying that it’s still SO FREAKING HOT outside! I know, I’m the girl who loves summer and I’m not quite ready for fall to be here, but that’s just because I don’t like to kid myself. Like for real- I can’t drink or eat anything pumpkin until it’s below 90 degrees. And these people already wearing full fall outfits… do you not go outside?!

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I know it’s cooler in other parts of the country but in Tennessee we’re struggling. Fall is actually no where in sight here so my denim shorts ain’t going anywhere until it’s 70 degrees or below! I’ve still been wearing them non stop so I thought I’d share a few different ways I’m wearing them, styled a little more “fall” even when it feels like summer!

Denim Shorts for Fall

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With a Denim Jacket:

Nothing quite says fall like denim on denim! Once fall is officially here I honestly love pulling out all my layering pieces! Lightweight jackets are some of my favorite pieces for the fall so you better believe I’m excited to break this denim jacket out soon!

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With Blazers:

Speaking of jackets, I also love that blazers are coming back around. There for a hot second they were gone, but now they’re back and in all colors, prints and styles! I LOVE the look of a blazer with denim shorts- or any shorts for that matter. It makes the blazer a little more dressed down and casual which is totally my speed!

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With Longer Cardis and Kimonos:

I love the look of denim shorts with a long kimono or cardi over! I love playing with layers and how it adds a fun little element to the short shorts. Kimonos for sure now, when it’s blazing outside, and cardigans when it gets a little cooler, but is still hot!

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With Sweaters:

I’ve been wearing this combo nonstop! It’s super easy to throw on a lightweight sweater with a pair of cutoffs and immediately look ready for fall but still cool for the summer heatwave. This is probably my favorite combo of all!

If you’re still looking for a great pair of denim cutoffs – see my full denim shorts post here with all my favorites! 

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