3 Things I Stopped Saying in 2020

One thing I learned last year is you can be the hardest worker in the room, but if you’re not growing yourself you’re not going to get where you want to go. After busting my a** and still not being where I wanted I realized it was time for something else to change.

I worked a lot on my mindset, my gratitude practice, discipline and the way I spoke to myself. I realized I was putting a lot of unnecessary stress on myself by the way I talked to myself. There are 3 things to stop saying and they’ve made a huge impact. I’m super aware now of what I’m saying and when I catch myself saying these I change the narrative. I literally just swap a few words out and it makes all the difference! Just by cutting these out of my vocabulary I’ve become much more accomplished and less stressed. You ready for them!?

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3 Things to Stop Saying

“I’m Overwhelmed”

This was a big one for me. I’m a multi business owner, I juggle a LOT of things and I could be overwhelmed every dang day! But when you say you’re overwhelmed, guess what, you’re overwhelmed! I stopped saying I was overwhelmed, and started just saying wow, I have a lot to do, let’s write it all out on a to-do list or a brain dump. Once I wrote it out, got it organized, the overwhelm was less stressful. A lot of times for me putting all those “overwhelming” feelings on paper is all I need to pass the overwhelm feeling.

“This is Hard”

Ya know what, “hard” took on a whole new meaning last year. The things I used to complain were hard, well they’re laughable now. If you feel like something is hard, take a real long look at it and figure out what’s hard about it. Sure, it might not be easy to put yourself out there on social media or ask for help or take a leap of faith, but I promise you it’s not HARD. Stop looking at it as something that’s hard. I’ll tell you what’s hard, cancer is hard, losing someone you love is hard, infertility or losing a baby is hard. Putting yourself out there on instagram is. not. hard.

“I Don’t Know How”

This one was the most difficult one for me, I’m literally the queen of just being like welp, I don’t know! Didn’t work! But any time I want to just give up and say, I don’t know! I’ve changed the narrative to, I’ll try again, I’ll figure it out, I’ll try something new. And holyyyy crap has this changed the game for me. Instead of writing something off, well I don’t know how to grow on instagram, I don’t know how to make reels, I don’t know how to sell things, I don’t know how to paint wood paneling…..ha. JUST FIGURE IT OUT! As someone who’s been a business owner for many years now, “I don’t know” is just unacceptable language. The business world is always changing and always evolving, you HAVE to just figure it out. It’s part of the job.

There are a lot of other things I need to cut out too, but these are a start and they have made a world of difference! If you try them out let me know! And do you have certain words you cut out from your vocabulary? Let me know in the comments!

What do you think are some things to stop saying so you can have a better mindset?  Let me know in a comment below!