20 Wonderful Things that Happened in 2020!

When we focus on the bad all we see is bad. But when we focus on the good, good things flow! So as we start the new year I really wanted to focus on allll the good that happened in 2020! So today I’m sharing my 20 greats of 2020! It’s so great to look back at all the great things that happened as we go into the new year. Can you imagine what great things will happen in 2021!?

20 Greats of 2020!

  1. I got MARRIED! The best day ever! We did everything outside, the weather was perfect and no one got Covid. (ha) It was a wonderful day!
  2. Went on a paid for mini honeymoon to Vegas!
  3. Earned that trip to Vegas with Monat! Fully paid for!
  4. I grew a lot in my Monat business. I also failed a lot at goals I set for the year. While I may have failed a lot, I feel like it set me up for a lot of success in 2021! Failure is a stepping stone to success.
  5. KITTENS! We had 2 litters of kittens that were so fun! And we got to give them away to loving families.
  6. We got to work My Kind of Lovely from home! We’ve missed our in person customer shopping but Caroline & I both agree it’s been nice to work from home.
  7. We had one of our biggest online order days at My Kind of Lovely! A record breaking Black Friday & Small Business Saturday.
  8. We started some house improvements. Whew it feels like it’s been lasting years, but looking back at what the house looked like in Jan 2020, and woah!
  9. We got a new really cozy couch that was perfect for more time at home!
  10. More time at home, more time with Jared and more rest time. It truly was so nice to slow down and just be home more.
  11. More time with Addi. Every visit we weren’t running around with her to see this and do that. We spent more quality time at home which was nice.
  12. Thanksgiving at our house! Our first married holiday and we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was wonderful!
  13. Our first Christmas at home/together. This was our first Christmas not working long hours in retail & spending way too many hours on the road. It was so nice to be home.
  14. More cooking at home! I’ve literally never cooked this much in my life, but it’s made me much more comfortable in my cooking abilities!
  15. Grocery. Pickup.
  16. I rebranded my blog! It was so fun to rebrand my blog earlier this year, but I’m already thinking I want to change things up again. I’m going to be trying some new things out this year over here and I hope y’all like!
  17. We had a great fall calving season! Lots of healthy babies and mamas and the calves were mainly heifers. We’re working to grow our cow heard so having heifers that we can keep back and grow into cows is what we wanted.
  18. I read actual books! Not podcasts or audiobooks, actual books. I read more in 2020 than I have in a LONG time. (Shared my 5 personal development books I read & loved here)
  19. I found a really great morning routine that I love.
  20. I learned to value real, quality time. For so long I lived the hustle and bustle, on the go life, but this year really made me appreciate slowing down and spending real, quality time with your people. And for that alone I’m thankful for the slower pace 2020 brought on us.

Ok now your turn! Write down your 20 greats and let me know how you did!