101 in 1001

101 things Pearls & Twirls

I’ve seen quite a few of these bucket lists of sorts all over the blogosphere lately and I couldn’t help but try it out for myself. I love making lists and as much as I find myself always thinking of things I want to try this seemed like the perfect way to try and make sure some of those things got done while documenting them along the way.

The list was a little harder than I expected, even with lots of other people’s inspiration, but here it is. 101 things I plan to do in the next 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years). 1001 days from today is June 27, 2016 so let’s see what we can complete!

1. Finish and publish 101 in 1001 list by September 30, 2013
2. Take on my first paid styling client
3. Style a brand photoshoot for a company
4. Visit California
5. Make a life decision based 100% on what the best move for me is
6. Work for/with a dream brand
7. Host a brunch for friends at my home
8. Create a budget and follow it for at least 1 month
9. Watch 10 classic movies I’ve never seen (3/10 – Gone with the Wind, White Christmas, Breakfast at Tiffanys)
10. Take a photography class
11. Visit a state I’ve never visited before
12. No shopping for 1 month
13. Organize computer: photos, itunes, folders, etc.
14. Hit my all time best month on Pearls & Twirls (pageviews, social media growth, affiliate sales)
15. Move domain over to .com (instead of redirecting .com to the .net)
16. Do something for myself, by myself
17. Meet 10 blogger friends in real life (Alex, Jordan, Danielle, Emily, Haley, Caitlin, Krista, Grace, Lacey, Alicia)
18. Attend my first Lucky FABB conference (10/24 & 25)
19. Go to Fashion Week
20. Send snail mail for all occasions (get wells, birthdays, thank yous, etc.)
21. Cut out soft drinks for at least a month
22. Volunteer my time for a great cause
23. Run another half marathon
24. Zero balance on all Credit Cards
25. Take a 100% spontaneous weekend
26. Take a staycation in my own city
27. Host a blogger event (this one at J.Crew and this one at Obligato)
28. 5 Random acts of kindness
29. Take a painting class with friends (preferably one with wine)
30. Downsize my closet (a work in progress but Poshmark and StateMint sales have helped!)
31. Invest in 3 classic closet pieces
32. Start a new series on the blog (The Everyday Series)
33. Collaborate with blog friends on a blog series (Outfit Meets Occasion)
34. Take a really big career or blogging leap of faith (Launched My Kind of Lovely)
35. Become a contributor for a blog, publication, etc. (Fox Morning News Station)
36. Workout at least 2 mornings a week for 3 months
37. Find my go-to party dish for get togethers
38. Bike Cades Cove
39. Leisurely watch the sun rise
40. Expand my Lightroom knowledge
41. Pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in the fall
42. Go to an away football game in a fun city
43. Finish my Christmas shopping at least a week before Christmas
44. Send out Christmas cards
45. Go to a Christmas show (White Christmas at the TN Theater)
46. Go snowboarding in a new place
47. Go to a spring festival (Biscuit Festival)
48. Go hiking
49. Visit a new beach for summer vacation
50. Go to a music festival
51. Take a cooking class
52. Give 10 “just because” gifts
53. Plan a picnic
54. Find the perfect vintage bar cart (not vintage but vintage-esque)
55. Try out 5 new hairstyles
56. Learn palm reading basics from my Grandmother
57. Buy a designer piece I’m in love with
58. Go to a drive in movie
59. Add 10 new coffee table books to my collection (Kate Spade, American Fashion)
60. Find my perfect everyday beauty routine (in serious need of the perfect coverage foundation)
61. Find my perfect skincare routine
62. Play hooky from work one day, just because
63. Read 10 books (#GirlBoss, Raving Fans, Not That Kind of Girl, The Happiness Project)
64. Read 5 educational, business, entrepreneur, etc. books (#GirlBoss, Raving Fans)
65. Go to a Jimmy Buffett concert
66. Find a cute camera bag
67. Get a handgun (have the permit, need the gun)
68. Get updated business cards with new logo
69. Take Round 2 of my branding photos
70. Update my “About” page
71. Update my “Styling” page with testimonials
72. Create a list of monthly goals each month
73. Make and keep up an address book
74. Visit an out of town friend unexpectedly (Cincinnati for NYE)
75. Try Whole 30 (Not successful but I was miserable)
76. Create a separate travel savings account
77. Try out a new workout class
78. Run with a local running group
79. Try hot yoga for a month
80. Go on a riverboat cruise (Halloween 2014)
81. Try stand up paddle boarding
82. Host my family for dinner at my house
83. Find 5 perfect “me” prints for my home
84. Find a rug and pillows for my living room
85. Get my LLC for Pearls & Twirls
86. Create an inspiration board and update it seasonally
87. Take time to brainstorm and create an editorial calendar each month
88. Try 10 new (to me) restaurants in Knoxville (Taste of Thai, Knox Mason, Blackhorse, FIVE Bar, Not Watsons, Carolina Ale House)
89. Take a friend dinner during a hard time (10-10-13)
90. Find the perfect Bloody Mary recipe
91. Go to a beer festival
92. Go to a wine tasting
93. Go to an outdoor concert (Drive By Truckers)
94. Go camping
95. Go on a Ghost Tour
96. Spend an afternoon at the zoo
97. Go to a hockey game
98. Take a day trip to explore a nearby city
99. Consistently push myself out of my comfort zone and note when I do
100. Put $20 into savings for every item checked off
101. Treat myself with the money saved! (maybe a Chanel bag?) 🙂