10 Things To Stop Wasting Your Time On

I love the internet and love the endless possibilities it provides. I’ve connected with people over the internet that I would have never connected with and I’ve found true inspiration from people that I would have never known about. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing women though blogging and I’ve followed hundreds more that I would love to meet and connect with in person. One person I’ve been inspired by since this home tour on The Glitter Guide was Tori Hendrix. I’ve seriously been obsessed with everything she does, from how she dresses, how she decorates, her amazing travels, her event planning business and even how she dresses her kids!  A true source of inspiration to me and I’ve loved getting little glimpses of this person that I’ve never met’s life on the internet.

Unfortunately sometimes these seemingly perfect people on the internet are battling something far worse than we could ever imagine. Tori was diagnosed with a terrible cancer a little over a year ago while pregnant with her second child and she passed away just this week. I’ve been obsessively checking her sister’s updates on Tori since they announced she was sick a few months ago and was so saddened by her passing. I never really intended to share any of this here but over the past few days I’ve heard great stories about great people doing great things (a local police officer and friend who raised money for a family that picked up his breakfast at the drive through) and have read other sad news (a friend I met through blogging lost his sister this week and a high school friend was recently diagnosed with lymphoma) so I just got myself inspired. Inspired about this little miraculous thing we call life that we take for granted every single day.

I’ll be the first to admit that I easily get down, annoyed, frustrated with the smallest things that really should not alter my mood as much. I get selfish sometimes and think my feelings are more important than other’s. I get down about myself and think I’ll never be as good as so-and-so. And really, I just like to remind myself those things, those thoughts are just taking away your greats, your happy’s and all the wonderful things we’re given in this life.

So I’ve rounded up a few things that I know I waste way too much of my life on. Ten things I plan to stop wasting so much of my happy on!


1. Trying to Be Great At Everything – We’re all human. You’re never going to be great at everything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be great at the things you love to be great at. You can be a great mom, a great girlfriend, wife, friend, sister, employee, business owner, blogger, instagrammer, facebooker, runner, healthy eater, whatever your cup of tea is or whatever you feel passionate about, go do it and be great at it! But don’t beat yourself up if you can’t be great at all those things. It’s ok if you’re not great at being both a great business owner and healthy eater…(cough cough, that one was to me.)


2. Comparing Yourself to Others – This one is easily tied to #1. We think that it is possible to be great at all those things because you see other people do it. People seriously seem to have their shit together on instagram don’t they? Personally, I see so many people who constantly get up at 5:30 am to get their workout in and get down on myself because I don’t do that. Well reality is, I’m not a morning person. That doesn’t work for me. If you’re a morning person and a morning worker-outer, I truly salute you, because I want to be you, but me? I’ll just be here at 1:30 am finishing blog posts because that’s how I work and that’s ok. So just because someone else can do it, doesn’t mean you have to. You do you, boo.

3. Not Chasing Your Dreams – Yall. I hear so many people say, “I wish I could be more like you and go after my dreams!” My response every single time? DO IT!!! Seriously. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most stressful job I’ve ever had but I can’t even describe how happy it makes me. You’ve got to be all in though. All in. All the time. But it’s totally worth it! And if one day I decide my passion is hot air balloons and I want to start a hot air balloon business, you betta believe I’m going for it! Chase those dreams!


4. Feeling Entitled – I hate this attitude but I totally catch myself doing it! I feel like because I work hard people should respect me and understand how hard I work. I feel like because I’m a good person and treat others well I should be treated well in return. I feel like because something good happened to someone else, something good should happen to me! But the truth is, the world doesn’t owe us anything. People are going to be rude. People are going to think they’re better. And people are going to have awesome things happen to them and leave you feeling like, why not me?! And my advice? Smile and move on. That stuff if going to keep happening, the quicker you move on from it, the quicker you’ll get your happiness back.

5. Trying To Please People – I would have never considered myself a people pleaser until the last few years. I’ve realized I’m not a people pleaser to everyone but the people I care about I definitely am. I don’t like to upset people, annoy people or make people that I love mad at me so I try my hardest to say yes, do everything I can for them and even bust my butt to make sure they’re not upset with me. I don’t think this is a terrible thing until you feel like you’re restricted from doing things, living your life or doing what’s best for you because you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. I do believe there’s a fine line here though. Don’t be selfish, but also don’t let people make your life harder because you’re afraid of getting an eye roll.

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6. Being Rude – Maybe it’s a southern thing but I definitely grew up being taught (sometimes forced) to be nice to people. And not only does it put the other person in a better mood it totally puts yourself in a better mood as well. So just stop with the rude comments, the rude remarks and the un necessary calling others out on things that really don’t matter. My rule of thumb is, if it would hurt my feelings or make me upset if someone treated me that way, or said that to me, I don’t say it.

7. Not Spending Enough Time on Things That Make You Happy – Work really tends to get in the way sometimes doesn’t it? Sometimes I feel like there’s no extra time but I’ve found that when you take time, even just a little time to do some of the things that make you happy, it can truly change your mood. For me even if it’s just dinner on a patio or an afternoon car ride with good music, just taking a little time for things that make you happy make all the difference. It’s a simple fix really, just take some time for yourself.

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8. Relying on Excuses – There was a time in my life where I would just say yes to everything even knowing I was going to have to come up with an excuse later to cancel or decline or just say no. It’s such a waste of time. Just be honest with people. If you don’t want to go on a date with the guy just say no. If you don’t want to feature a product on your blog, just say no. If you don’t want to take on the additional responsibility in the club you’re in, team you’re on, board you’re on, just say no. It’s much easier and saves you a lot of bs excuse wasting time.

9. Not Spending Your Time and Money on Traveling – There are so many places I want to go but there are so many reasons I can’t go. Most of them being time and money. Now I know I can’t go everywhere but if you’re like me and love to travel I think you should definitely take the time to save up and go somewhere awesome and do it as much as you can.

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10. Not Being in Love with Yourself – I think everyone should take the time to get to know themselves and love themselves. You are a beautiful person and you deserve the world.

Happy Friday, friends. Go make this weekend the best one yet!